91 Object Variable not set

Application: Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Check In Check Out
Area: Runtime Error
Issue: 91 Object Variable not set. Runtime Error 91
Generally Caused By: Service that has been stopped
Level of Complexity: Low

Step 1

Close the RedBeam application

Step 2

Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. You can also use Start -> Run “services.msc” to open the Local Services window.

Step 3

Scroll down list of services until you find the service for the application you are working with, (MSSQL$RBAT, MSSQL$RIT, or MSSQL$RCO) and right-click to select “Restart Service”.
If your version of RedBeam is 5.0 or higher, find the service for the application you are working with (SQL Server (RBAT), SQL Server (RIT), or SQL Server (RCO)) to Restart the service.

Step 4

Restart the application. if the problem is not resolved, See Step 5.

Step 5

Please contact RedBeam Technical Support by dialing 1-877-373-0390 and selecting option 2.
Notes: This error states that the application cannot connect to the database server. If customer is using full SQL Server, customer will need to recheck database connection and/or settings.