Connecting Your Mobile Device to a PC

Step 1

Remove the cradle for the mobile device from the box and plug in the power supply and communications cable.

Step 2

Attached the communications cable to the back of your PC.

Step 3

Place the mobile computer in the cradle and allow the battery to charge.

Step 4

If Windows Mobile device Center is not already installed on your machine, Click Here to download 32 bit Windows Mobile Device Center. For 64 bit Windows Click Here. To check to see if you are 32 or 64 bit Windows user click Start -> Computer -> System Properties and look at your system type.

Step 5

Once installed, connect your device to the PC using a USB cable. The mobile device drivers will begin to install. Upon completion of the drivers installing, Windows Mobile Device Center should open and show Connected.

Step 6

After the device shows as connected, you should then be able to open RedBeam and sync the device using the Sync Handheld tab.

Step 7

If you still cannot connect to Windows Mobile Device Center, call RedBeam technical support at 877-373-0390.