Failed SQL Installation

Application: Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Check In Check Out
Area: Installation
Issue: The SQL installation failed, would you like to continue with the installation?
Generally Caused By: Limited windows login access, firewalls and or anti-viruse software
Level of Complexity: Low

There are several things to keep in mind before you install RedBeam software:

Step 1

You must be logged in as a LOCAL Windows Admin on the machine you are installing it on. You can look at your user account to check if it says admin next to your account. If you are not an admin you should ask your IT department if they can give you access.



Step 2

If you have a Windows Vista or 7 machine you must disable the UAC. This will reboot your machine.



Step 3

Disable all firewalls. Note: If you click your start button and type services.msc into your run bar (Windows XP) or start search bar (Windows Vista), you can see what firewalls are running and can stop and disable them.

Step 4

Turn off all anti-virus applications. If you type services.msc into your run bar you can see what anti-viruses are running).

Step 5

Check the Programs folder. If RedBeam is installed, uninstall then reinstall the application. If the problem is not resolved. See Step 6.

Step 6

Please contact RedBeam Technical Support at 877-373-0390 and select option 2.