Free Asset Tracking Template

If you need a quick-and-dirty method to track your fixed assets without an elaborate database, then Excel can be an extremely useful tool. Feel free to download this simple asset tracking template and get started right away. Populate the template with valuable asset related information, including:

  • General asset information (Asset ID, description, location, status, custodian, manufacturer, model, etc.)
  • Purchasing information (Vendor, PO number, purchase date, cost, lease and warranty, etc.)
  • IT & maintenance information (IP address, processor, memory, software, etc.)
  • Custom fields(As many new fields as you need)

Simply update the spreadsheet with changes or when you add more assets. If you have any questions about using this template or about tracking fixed assets.

If you are already using RedBeam Asset Tracking, you can use this template to import your data directly into the system. Call 877-373-0390 if you have any questions.