Using the Import Feature in Asset Tracking

Before importing, please add any customizable user fields first. This will allow your user generated fields to be added to the asset importing template.

Adding user fields:


Step 1

Under Master Data, select the User Fields sub tab.

Step 2

Enter a Field Name and select a field type.

Step 3

Click Add.


Creating Excel Template:


Step 1

Navigate to Admin tab and Import Data tab.

Step 2

The tables to import are in a specific order to follow. Please follow from top to bottom the tables which require data to be imported into.


Step 3

Select the table to be imported by clicking on the appropriate table button.

Step 4

Click the Create Excel Source File from Template Button.

Step 5

Select the folder where you want to save the source file, name the file and click Save.


Step 6

When the source file opens, enter the data you want to import. You can save and open the source file as many times as necessary to enter all of the data.


Step 7

When data entry into the source file is complete, click the Choose Source File button, select the source file and click Open.


Step 8

Once you click open, the Confirm screen will come up to review data being imported. Select Proceed once confirmed.


Step 9

Once you click Proceed, the Result screen will appear and show the data added or any errors that may have occurred to failed data transfer. Click finish to acknowledge.


Step 10

Repeat these steps until you import data for all tables.

Once all importing has been completed, all data should be displayed under the Master Data and Asset Data tabs.