Installing SQL Express 2005 for RedBeam Use

Application: General
Area: SQL Server
Issue: Installing SQL Express 2005 for RedBeam Use.
Generally Caused By: Customer needing a 64 bit SQL install.
Level of Complexity: Medium

Step 1

Go to this web address: This will take you through a manual install of SQL express for 32 or 64 bit machines: Click Here

Step 2

Click Run.

Step 3

Read and accept the licensing terms of Microsoft and click Next.

Step 4

Click Install to continue.

Step 5

After Microsoft SQL native client and the setup files install click Next.

Step 6

When the “Welcome to the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard” message is displayed, click Next.


Step 7

Click Next.

Step 8

Enter your name and company name and check off of Hide advanced configuration options. These will be accessed later on. Click Next.

Step 9

Click Next.

Step 10

The named instance depends on the following: If you have RedBeam Asset Tracking your instance=RBAT. If you have RedBeam Inventory Tracking your instance=RIT. If you have RedBeam Checkin/Check out your named instance will be RCO.

Step 11

Change your use the built in System account setting to Local System. Check each SQL service at the end of setup box and click Next.

Step 12

Change Authentication mode to Mixed and change the sa logon password to 34TJ4@#$. If military or corporation that uses password policy requirements, change password to meet policy requirements. Click next.

Step 13

Leave the collation settings to default with SQL collations selected then Click Next


Step 14

Choose enable user instances and check Add user to the SQL Server Administrator role click Next.

Step 15

Click Next.

Step 16

Click Install.

Step 17

After completion of the SQL setup files (Note: not all computers will have this many components), click Next.

Step 18

Click Finish.

Step 19

Select Start >> All Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 >> Configuration Tools and select SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Step 20

On the left window pane, select SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration. Then on the right window pane, select the SQL Server Instance you installed. (RBAT, RIT, or RCO).


Step 21

On the right window pane, right click on Named Pipes and select enable. Then right click on TCP/IP and select enable.


Step 22

On the left window pane, select SQL Server 2005 Services. Then right click on the correct SQL Server Instance on the right window pane and select Restart.


Step 23

Begin the install of the RedBeam application if it has not been installed as of yet.
Note: if the SQL portion of the install fails, you can continue with the install of the application since you already installed SQL. If the application gives you errors, please proceed to the following page to view directions for creating the seed.