Restoring RedBeam with a Backup File

Application: General
Area: RedBeam
Issue: Restoring RedBeam from a Backup
Generally Caused By: Customer needing to restore a RedBeam database
Level of Complexity: Easy

This restore procedure is the same for all RedBeam applications and needs to be completed on the PC or server where the database is stored. 
Step 1
Ensure that the backup file is saved locally on the PC or Server where you are trying to restore.
Step 2
Open your RedBeam application and navigate to Admin >> Backup.
Step 3
Select the ellipse and chose the backup file you would like to use for restoring and click OK.
Step 4
Click Restore.
Step 5
You will be prompted that the backup file will replace your current database. Click Yes if you would like to continue.
Step 6
You will then be prompted that the database restored successfully. Click OK.
Step 7
Navigate to you Master Data and ensure your data displays.