3265: Item cannot be found corresponding to the requested name

Application: General
Area: Runtime Error
Issue: 3265 Item cannot be found corresponding to the requested name or ordinal
Generally Caused By: Database does not exist or cannot connected to database
Level of Complexity: Medium

For International Users

Step 1

Please ensure that the Regional Settings from the Control Panel of your Windows machine are set to English -> USA

Step 2

Use the Control Panel to uninstall all SQL Components (SQL Server VSS Writer, Native Client, Setup Support Files, and SQL Server 2005 program) and perform a manual installation of SQL Server 2005 Express following the steps from our Knowledge Base article Click Here 

For USA Users

Step 1

If you are connected as a Windows user with local administrator privileges please locate an IT person or be given an administrative user account. 

Step 2

Close the RedBeam application and open the Registry Editor. Go to Start > Run and in the Open box, type regedit (Windows XP, 2003 users) or regedt32 (Windows NT, 2000 users), and then click ” OK “. 

Step 3

Find and select the appropriate registry node:
Inventory Tracking: HKEY_Current_User\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\RIT
Check In Check Out: HKEY_Current_User\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\RCO


For 64 bit systems the registry location will be under “Software\Wow6432Node”


Step 4

Verify that the DBComputer data value has the server name or IP address for the location of the database.

Step 5

If you have the server name or IP address for the location of the database, right click “DBComputer” and select modify.


Step 6

Once the Edit String box is opened, replace the existing server name or IP address with the correct one and click “OK”. Attempt to launch the RedBeam application again. If still unsuccessful, please contact RedBeam Technical Support by dialing 1-877-373-0390 and selecting option 2.

Notes: This error states that the application cannot connect to the database server in a networked environment. The physical connection to the database has been broken and/or stopped. If customer is using full SQL Server, customer will need to recheck database connection and/or settings.