Software Launch – SQL Server does not exist or is denied

Application: General
Area: Runtime Error
Issue : Initial Software Launch – SQL Server does not exist or access denied
Generally Caused By: Loop back address ( did not retrieve full computer name
Level of Complexity: Medium

Step 1

Close the RedBeam Application. You will need access to the registry node HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ (RBAT, RCO, or RIT).

Step 2

If you are not an administrative user on the network, please locate an IT person or be given an administrative user account.

Step 3

Navigate to Start > Run and in the Open box, type regedit (Windows XP, 2003 users) or regedt32 (Windows NT, 2000 users), and then click “OK “.

Step 4

Find and select the appropriate node, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ (RBAT, RCO, or RIT).


Step 5

Right click “DBComputer” and select modify.


Step 6

Once the Edit String box is opened, go to Start > Control Panel > System and select the “Computer Name” tab. Copy the Full computer name excluding the period at the end.

Step 7

Replace the address (value data before the back slash) in the DBComputer edit string box with the Full Computer name and click “OK”.

Step 8

Restart the application. If you receive the same error message, see Step 8.

Step 9

Please contact RedBeam Technical Support by dialing 1-877-373-0390 and selecting option 2.

Notes: This error states that the application cannot connect to the database server. If customer is using full SQL Server, customer will need to recheck database connection and/or settings.