Unitech HT660 Device Reset Instructions

Performing a Warm Boot

Warm Boot is a reset to re-boot the HT660 without losing saved data. Perform a warm boot when:
The terminal fails to respond. After installing some software applications. After making changes to certain system settings, such as network cards. 

WARNING – Performing a Warm Boot will result in the loss of all unsaved data!

Via Software: Locate the file Windows/Boot.exe. Tap “Warm Boot” and the system will be restarted.

Via Hardware: Use a blunt pin (like an unfolded paper clip) to pres the reset pin located on the front of the HT660, below the keypad.

Performing a Cold Boot

A Cold Boot is used to reset the operating system, restore the terminal back to factory default, and reset the terminal after a bootloader, keyboard, or kernel upgrade.

WARNING – Performing a Cold Boot will return the HT660 to its original factory settings!

Via Software: Locate the file Windows/Boot.exe. Tap “Cold Boot.” The system will be restarted and reset to factory defaults. You will need to calibrate the screen and reset date and time.

Via Hardware:

Step 1

Remove the Mian Battery.

Step 2

Switch OFF the Backup Battery.

Step 3

Switch the Backup Battery back ON.

Step 4

Insert the Main Battery.

Step 5

The terminal will be cold started and reset back to factory defaults.

Step 6

Recalibrate the screen and reset the date and time.