Unitech PA900 Device Reset Instructions


Path: My computer/Windows/Bootmode.exe.

This tool allows you to perform warm boot or update OS when it is necessary.

Performing a Warm Boot

Step 1

Double tap Bootmode.

Step 2

Tap Warm Boot.

Step 3

The system will be restarted.

Performing a Cold Boot

Press and hold the “<-” key, then tap “warm boot.”
Caution: Please backup any important data before you perform a cold start.



Update OS

Step 1

Double tap Bootmode. Tap Update OS.

Step 2

Update OS window pops up.

Step 3

The registry will be restored to default.

Step 4

Proceed anyway? Tap Yes.

Step 5

System will be restarted and enter bootloader screen.

Step 6

Insert your CF card with OS image file Select 2 to update OS.