User ID or Password Invalid

Application: Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Check In Check Out
Area: Login
Issue: Password Reset
Generally Caused By: Incorrect password
Level of Complexity: Low

Step 1

Close out of the RedBeam Application.

Step 2

Verify that you are an administrative user on the network. If not, please locate an IT person or obtain an administrative user account.

Step 3

Go to Start>My Computer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\RedBeam\Utilities folder.

Step 4

Launch the RedBeam Password Reset.exe application.


Step 5

Once the application is open, verify that the application and server for the database are correct. By default, the application and server will be pulled from the registry of the application. If you are not sure about the application or server contact your IT department.

Step 6

Once override server is verified, click “Reset Password”.

Step 7

Once a message stating “Password changed to” is displayed, record the new password and click “OK”.

Step 8

Restart the application, use the password the system provided you when prompted, enter and verify a new password. If you are still not able to login to the application, see Step 9.

Step 9

Please contact RedBeam Technical Support at 1-877-373-0390 and select option 2.


Notes: The admin user that installs the application on the workstations will also need to register the application on the workstations before logging off. This must be done before limited access users attempt to use the workstation because they will not be able to update the registry with the activation key. The activation key resides in a different location then the regular registry information.