Web Asset Tracking | Installation for Windows Mobile Devices

Application: RedBeam Web Asset Tracking

Area: Windows Mobile 6.5 Handheld Devices
Issue: Application Installation Instructions
Generally Caused By: Customer’s Needing to Install Application on Windows Mobile Devices
Level of Complexity: Easy
Please Note: The initial launch of RedBeam Web Asset Tracking on your Windows Mobile 6.5 device requires an internet connection to your wireless network (WiFi only). Please refer to your device’s user manual for assistance with establishing this connection.
Please Note: The scanner must be enabled on your device. Please refer to your device’s user manual for assistance with enabling the scanner.
Please Note: The following instructions are intended for SaaS (Cloud based) customers. If you are using a Self Hosted Version of RedBeam Web Asset Tracking please email support@redbeam.com or call us at 877-373-0390 to ensure that you are installing the appropriate version handheld file with your current server version.

Step 1

Click here to download the zip file containing all the necessary cab files. Make sure to note where the zip file is being download as you will need to access this folder.

Step 2

Locate the ‘Web-Asset-Tracking-Cab-Files-for-WM.zip’ zip file. Right click,  select ‘Extract All…’ and choose where you would like to extract the files. We will be accessing the extracted folder in Step 6.

Step 3

Connect the device to your PC using the cradle or USB cable. Wait for Windows Mobile Device Center to show that the device is connected. If Windows Mobile Device Center is not already installed on your machine, Click Here to download 32 bit Windows Mobile Device Center. For 64 bit Windows Click Here. To check to see if you are 32 or 64 bit Windows user click Start > Computer > System Properties and look at your system type.

Step 4

Open Windows Explorer from your PC. Windows Explorer is located at Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer. In Windows Explorer, find your device. It should be on the left side under Computer.

Step 5

Select your device from Step 4. This will launch the File Explorer on the device. Double click the directory for ‘\’.

Step 6

Locate the extracted folder from Step 2 named ‘Web-Asset-Tracking-Cab-Files-for-WM’. Copy the three files within that folder and paste them into the ‘\’ directory on the device.

Step 7

You may now disconnect the handheld device from your PC.

Step 8

On the handheld device, click Start at the bottom left corner and scroll down until you see File Explorer. Open File Explorer.

Step 9

Ensure that ‘My Device’ is selected in the drop down at the top right corner. You should be able to scroll down and see the three files we copied over to the device.

Step 10

Install the files to the device by clicking on them just once in the order below. After clicking on the file, you will be asked to specify where you want to install the file. Select Device for each file and click Install.
1. NETCFv35.wm.armv4i
2. sqlce35.ppc.wce5.armv4i
3. Redbeam Web Asset Tracking Mobile.1501.2612.5148.0886
NOTE: When installing NETCFv35.wm.armv4i – If you receive an error stating “A later version of the .NET Compact Framework is already installed……”, select OK and move to the next file.

Step 11

RedBeam Web Asset Tracking should now be installed. Exit out of File Explorer. Click Start at the bottom left, and you will see the Asset Tracking icon somewhere on the programs screen.

Step 12

You must have internet connectivity to open RedBeam for the first time. Open the application and ensure that the WiFi icon at the top left is green. You may now log in with the same credentials used to log in to the application through your browser.


If you have any questions, please contact RedBeam Technical Support via email at 877-373-0390 or support@redbeam.com.