Setting Up Conditions

Asset records have multiple attribute options, many of which are set up as dropdowns including Departments, People, Projects, Asset Types, Manufacturers, Models, Vendors, Accounts, Conditions, and Statuses.


The Condition of an asset is a subjective measure of the health or useful life of an asset.

Often asset conditions are general (i.e., “New”, “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”),  but could be set up as any value. 

To create a Condition, click the image-png-Oct-19-2021-07-56-38-86-PM button and enter:

  • Condition


Click Save to create the Condition.

To delete a Condition, click on it in the grid and make the desired changes.

To import Condition information, click the image-png-Oct-19-2021-07-57-17-10-PM button and follow the import steps.

To export Condition information, click the image-png-Oct-19-2021-07-50-43-38-PM button and follow the export steps.