Setting Up Rooms

The Setup tab is recommended as the first stop for first-time users. Here, users can list the locations, departments, and people that assets can get assigned to and asset types, projects, manufacturers, models, vendors, accounts, conditions etc.


The location of an asset is the physical place the asset can be found. There are three tiers to the location hierarchy including Company, Building and Room.


Rooms are assigned to buildings and are the third and lowest tier in the location hierarchy. Assets must be assigned at the room level in order to take a physical inventory and check in assets to People

To create a Room, click the image-png-Oct-19-2021-07-56-38-86-PM button and enter:

  • Room ID
  • Room Name
  • Building
  • Phone


Click Save to create the Room.

To edit or delete a Room, click on it in the grid and make the desired changes.

To import Room information, click the image-png-Oct-19-2021-07-57-17-10-PM button and follow the import steps.

To export Room information, click the image-png-Oct-19-2021-07-50-43-38-PM button and follow the export steps.

If using a supported barcode label printer, Room ID labels can be printed from the Rooms screen.

To print labels, check the boxes next to the desired rooms.

Then click the printicon icon and select the desired Printer and Label Template.

If the desired Zebra printer is not visible from the Printer drop-down menu, follow these steps to connect it.

Users will then see a preview of the labels to be printed.

Click Print to print the labels.