Overview & System Requirements

Introduction to RedBeam Asset Tracking and system requirements.

The RedBeam Asset Tracking System SaaS Edition was designed to make the collection of asset inventory data faster and more reliable.  

This is a software as a service (SaaS) application hosted by RedBeam in the Google Cloud.  

The software is accessed via a supported web browser and can be used on a PC or laptop (full view) or on a handheld mobile computer (mobile view).

Using the full view on PC or laptop, users can set up assets and other related data in the system, manage inventories and run reports.

Users can use the mobile view on a handheld computer to update asset information or take a physical inventory by scanning barcoded assets in the field.  This data updates the reports in the full view on the PC or laptop.

RedBeam Asset Tracking Management supports mobile readers from leading consumer and rugged mobile computer manufacturers.                                               

System Requirements:

  • Google Chrome on Windows, MacOS, or Android
  • Safari on iOS
  • Internet connection for data syncing