Updating Assets

The Update function is used to create, edit, view, or delete assets.

To create an asset, scan or enter a new Asset ID. To edit an existing asset, scan or enter an existing Asset ID.


Enter asset information under the Details tab including:

  • Asset ID – This is the number used to uniquely identify the asset. For barcode scanning to work properly, this complete number (including any leading zeros) should be encoded in printed barcodes used to tag the assets.
  • Description – This is a description of the asset.
  • Company – This is company to which the asset is assigned.
  • Building – This is the building in which the asset is located.
  • Room – This is the room in which the asset is located. Selecting a room is required when taking an inventory.
  • Department – This is department to which the asset belongs.
  • Asset Type – This is the asset category that generally describes the asset.
  • Person – This is person to whom the asset is assigned.
  • Serial # – This is the serial number of the asset.       If an asset barcode is damaged or not visible, the user can scan or enter the serial number while updating or taking an inventory of the asset.
  • Status – This is status of the asset.
  • Manufacturer – This is manufacturer of the asset.
  • Model – This is the model number of the asset.
  • Vendor – This is the vendor from whom the asset what purchased.
  • PO # – This is number of the purchase order on which the asset was purchased.
  • Account – This is financial reference account under which the asset was purchased.
  • Acquisition Date – This is date on which the asset was purchased.
  • Cost – This is the price paid for the asset.
  • Condition – This is condition of the asset.
  • Notes – This is a free text field for additional information about the asset.

The only required field to create an asset is the Asset ID field.

When done entering asset information, click the Save button to create the asset.

A copy of an existing asset can be made by clicking the Copy button.

To delete the asset, click the Delete button. A warning message will display prior to deletion. 


The Custom tab has additional free text, drop down, date and toggle fields if needed.


 A full history of changes to an asset are displayed in the History tab.